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[Press Release]: Leon’s Lena Sound Sculpture Wins Prestigious BORN Award Recognizing the Best in “Design-Led Lifestyle”

Leon Speakers, American manufacturer of high-end custom audio products that mix art with audio and design with technology, announced today that they are the recipients of a 2018 BORN Award for their Lena Sound Sculpture...


Meet “Team Leon”: A Q&A with James Banfield, Co-Founder of Terra Speakers

Meet the people behind our products. Last week we announced that we joined forces with Terra Speakers, Maine-based manufacturer of rugged, all-weather audio...

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Press Release: Leon Speakers Acquires Terra Speakers, Expanding their Portfolio of All-Weather, American-Made Audio

Today Leon Speakers announced that they have acquired Terra Speakers, Maine-based manufacturer of rugged, all-weather speakers...

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"Reclaiming Trees and Lives" with Urban Ashes Frames for Media Décor

As a company invested in American craftsmanship, we love supporting other companies who share the same commitment to high-quality, handcrafted goods...

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Talking Sound & Style with Phish's Mike Gordon

We have our fair share of Phish fans here at Leon, so when System Integrators in Vermont reached out to us about getting some custom speakers made for the band’s bassist, Mike Gordon, we were pretty excited (to say the least)...

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